Associazione Sportiva Roma, commonly referred to as simply Roma, is a professional Italian football club based in Rome. Founded by a merger in 1927, Roma have participated in the top-tier of Italian football for all of their existence except for 1951–52. Roma have won Serie A three times, in 1941–42, 1982–83 and 2000–01, as well as winning nine Coppa Italia titles and two Supercoppa Italiana titles. In UEFA competitions Roma won the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1960–61, and were runners-up in the 1983–84 European Cup and the 1990–91 UEFA Cup. Since 1953 Roma have played their home games at the Stadio Olimpico, a venue they share with city rivals Lazio. With a capacity of over 72,000, it is the second largest of its kind in Italy, with only the San Siro able to seat more. The club plan to move to a new stadium, though this is yet to start construction. Their club badge features a she-wolf, an allusion to the founding myth of Rome. A.S. Roma was founded in the summer of 1927 when Italo Foschi, initiated the merger of three older Italian Football Championship clubs from the city of Rome; Roman FC, SS Alba-Audace and Fortitudo-Pro Roma SGS. The purpose of the merger was to give the Italian capital a strong club to rival that of the more dominant Northern Italian clubs of the time. The only major Roman club to resist the merger was S.S. Lazio because of the intervention of the army General Vaccaro, member of the club and executive of Italian Football Federation. The club played its earliest seasons at the Motovelodromo Appio stadium, before settling in the working-class streets of Testaccio, where it built an all-wooden ground Campo Testaccio in November 1929. Roma’s colours of imperial purple with a golden yellow trim represents the traditional colours of Rome, the official seal of the Comune di Roma features the same colours. The gold and the purple-red represent Roman imperial dignity. Because of the colours they wear, Roma are often nicknamed i giallorossi meaning the yellow-reds. Maybe because of modern sport marketing, the last few years have seen the golden trim and details substituted by light orange. Modern alternate kits have included all orange and orange-maroon versions. A popular nickname for the club is i lupi (the wolves), the animal has always featured on the club’s badge in different forms throughout their history. Currently the emblem of the team is the one which was used when the club was first founded. It portrays the female wolf with the two infant brothers Romulus and Remus, illustrating the myth of the founding of Rome, superimposed on a bipartite golden yellow over maroon red shield. In the myth from which the club take their nickname and logo, the twins (sons of Mars and Rhea Silvia) are thrown into the River Tiber by their uncle Amulius, a she-wolf saved the twins and looked after them. Eventually the two twins took revenge on Amulius, before falling out themselves; Romulus killed Remus and as thus was made king of a new city named in his honour, Rome.

L’Associazione Sportiva Roma SpA, nota anche come AS Roma o, più semplicemente, Roma, è una società calcistica italiana con sede nella città capitolina. Fondata il 7 giugno 1927 in seguito alla fusione di Alba Roma, Roman e Fortitudo, nasce dall’esigenza di associarsi in un’unica società per creare in città una sola squadra maggiormente competitiva, in vista dell’imminente creazione del campionato a girone unico. I colori sociali sono il rosso porpora e il giallo oro del gonfalone del Campidoglio, i quali a loro volta riprendono i colori ufficiali della città. La divisa primaria è costituita da maglia rosso porpora con bordo del colletto giallo, pantaloncini rossi e calzettoni gialli. L’attuale logo della Roma è un restyling del primo stemma adottato dalla società alla sua fondazione, con una rivisitazione della lupa e dei gemelli che cambiano colore passando dal nero all’argento. I giallorossi hanno vinto 3 scudetti, 9 Coppe Italia e 2 Supercoppe italiane.

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