Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli, commonly referred to as Napoli, is a professional Italian football club based in Naples, Campania. Formed in 1926, the club plays in Serie A, the top flight of Italian football. The club has won Serie A twice, and been runners-up six times, the Coppa Italia five times, the Supercoppa Italiana twice, and the 1988–89 UEFA Cup. Napoli have the fourth biggest fanbase in Italy, and in 2015 were ranked as the fifth most valuable football club in Serie A, as well as being listed on the Forbes’ list of the most valuable football clubs. The club is one of the associate members of the European Club Association. In the January 2016 UEFA ratings, Napoli are ranked the eighth best club in European Football and the second best club in Italy. Since 1959, the club has played their home games at Stadio San Paolo in the Fuorigrotta suburb of Naples. The first club was founded as Naples Foot-Ball & Cricket Club in 1904 by English sailor William Poths and his associate Hector M. Bayon. Neapolitans such as Conforti, Catterina and Amedeo Salsi were also involved, the latter of whom was the club’s first president. The original kit of the club was a sky blue and navy blue striped shirt, with black shorts. Naples’ first match was a 3–2 win against the English crew of the boat Arabik with goals from MacPherson, Scafoglio and Chaudoir. The name of the club was shortened to Naples Foot-Ball Club in 1906. Early into its existence, the Italian Football Championship was limited to just Northern clubs, so Southern clubs competed against sailors or in cups such as Thomas Lipton’s Lipton Challenge Cup. In the cup competed between Naples and Palermo FBC, Naples won three finals. The foreign contingent at the club broke off in 1912 to form Internazionale Napoli, in time for both club’s debut in the Italian Championship of 1912–13. Though the sides had a keen rivalry in the Campania section, they were not as successful outside of it and a few years after World War I, they merged as Foot-Ball Club Internazionale-Naples, also known as FBC Internaples. Under the presidency of Giorgio Ascarelli, the club changed its name to Associazione Calcio Napoli on 23 August 1926. Their home colours are sky blue shirts and white shorts. As Naples is a coastal city, the colours of the club have always been derived from the blue waters of the Gulf of Naples. Originally while using the name Naples FBC, the colours of the club implemented two shades of blue. Since the 1920s however, a singular blue tone has been used in the form of azure; as thus they share the nickname azzurri with the Italian national side. The shade of blue has been sky blue in many instances. One of the nicknames of Napoli is I ciucciarelli which means “the little donkeys” in the local dialect, they were given this name after a particularly poor performance during the 1926–27 season. It was originally meant to be derogatory, as the Neapolitan symbol is a rampant black horse, the club however adopted the donkey as a mascot called ‘O Ciuccio, displaying it with pride. The club badge Napoli are most famous for is a large N placed within a circle. This crest can be traced back to Internazionale Napoli, who used a similar design on their shirts. Since the club officially adopted the N badge as its representative, Napoli have altered it slightly at various times; sometimes it features the club’s name around it, sometimes it does not. The main difference between each badge is the shade of blue used. Usually the N is white, although it has occasionally been gold. Partenopei is a popular nickname for the club and people from the city of Naples in general. It is derived from Greek mythology where the siren Parthenópē tried to enchant Odysseus from his ship to Capri. In the story Odysseus had his men tie him to the ship’s mast so he was able to resist the song of the siren; as a result Parthenope, unable to live with the rejection of her love, drowned herself and her body was washed up upon the shore of Naples.

La Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli, nota semplicemente come Napoli, è una società calcistica italiana con sede nella città omonima. Fondata l’1 agosto 1926 su iniziativa dell’industriale napoletano Giorgio Ascarelli con il nome di Associazione Calcio Napoli, assunse poi la denominazione di SSC Napoli nel 1964. La neonata società esordì in massima serie nella Divisione Nazionale 1926-1927. Le prime due stagioni si chiusero con la retrocessione in Seconda Divisione, ma la FIGC in entrambe le occasioni accordò il ripescaggio per premiare gli sforzi del club partenopeo di recuperare il pesante gap con le società settentrionali. In seguito al fallimento della società nel 2004, il presidente Aurelio De Laurentiis fonda la Napoli Soccer che ne rileva il titolo sportivo e viene iscritta alla Serie C1, per poi ritornare alla denominazione precedente con la promozione in Serie B nel 2006. Il colore sociale è l’azzurro, mentre la mascotte è il Ciuccio. Gioca le partite interne allo stadio San Paolo, inaugurato nel 1959. Con un palmarès che comprende due scudetti, cinque Coppe Italia, due Supercoppe italiane e una Coppa UEFA, il Napoli è la squadra del Meridione più titolata.

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