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After my philosophical studies at the University of Venice, Italy, I began my career as a publicist and journalist in the sports field, and then as a financial consultant. The passion for astrology has always accompanied me, as well as the urgency to apply it profitably to the areas of financial investments and sports betting. During my internship at the MMTA – Merriman Market Timing Academy, I learned, among other precious things, that a comparison between astrology and statistical sciences can be positively established.

AstroloGoal provides the most valuable free tips and astrological predictions on football matches, extrapolated from our exclusive Geocosmic Betting System and according to statistical recurrences of active midpoints at event’s scheduled start time.

A midpoint is a mathematical point halfway between two celestial objects that tells, amongst others, an interpretative picture for the sports events. The narrow orb of midpoints solves the flaw of most predictive methods, which ultimately prove useless in case of simultaneous games. The original technique outlined in our ebook use midpoints to build a profitable betting system largely confirmed by a strong statistical evidence.


Chapter 1: Midpoints
Chapter 2: The Moras-Ebertin methodology
Chapter 3: Half-Time Goal Method
Chapter 4: A simple Over/Under betting system
Appendix: The Kelly staking

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    1. Hi, Thank you all for the kind enquiries. We’re still in beta mode, so no software available at the moment. No vip subscription either but we will let you know as soon as we have our betting system fully launched through a partner website. In the meantime, we wish you a winning year with our free predictions. All the best.

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