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New eBook: Bet and win on soccer with midpoints. A breakthrough in sports astrology and football predictions (English Edition)

Postato da AstroloGoal | Varie | mercoledì 23 dicembre 2020 9:09 am


A midpoint is a mathematical point halfway between two stellar bodies that tells an interpretative picture for the sports event. The narrow orb of midpoints solves the flaw of most predictive methods, which ultimately prove useless in case of simultaneous events. The original technique outlined in this book use midpoints to build a winning betting system largely confirmed by strong statistical evidence.


Chapter 1: Midpoints
Chapter 2: The Moras-Ebertin methodology
Chapter 3: An Over/Under betting system
Appendix: The Kelly staking

Is it possible to predict the outcome of a sports event through the use of the tools made available by the so-called “pseudo-science” that responds to the name of astrology? Our position is: yes, it’s undoubtedly possible. But to what extent would sporting events be foreseeable? And can such predictions be exact, specific, or made only broadly? Are there objectively real and measurable astrological effects?

All the answers you need are in our new eBook, now available in the Kindle store on Amazon at this link. Enjoy your reading!

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geocosmico-statistica applicata allo sport. Grazie!


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